Introducing A New Word

Quo·ka·ing: verb/noun/adjective

Quo·ka·ing: verb 1. The act of exchanging messages on the QUOKA platform.

Thank you to all of our members, without you this new word would not be possible!

I’m loving reading the messages you all are exchanging back and forth! Here is a question from a member that really resonated with me:

Do you all look at your landing page and constantly see things that you want to change?

My answer is YES! The thing drives me nuts!

Sigh, how are you?

I’m checking in today from Miami. Yes, I’m back in town, still living out of a suitcase though!

Learning Somethings

As I write this I’m trying to think of something I’ve learned to share with you this week, and all that comes to mind is: adulting. It’s a real thing and I learned that for me it means saying no to work sometimes even if I love what I do.

Here is why:

Life things” happen. No one is exempt. Life happens to all of us, and not everything is under your control. In this past year, so much has happened, to me and to so many other people. Every single person that I’ve worked with this past year has had a moment. Some people had a few moments.

That’s adulting in 2021.

Oh great! I’ve thought of more things I learned this past week! A sampling:

  • A 20-foot wooden gate can be built in less than one day

  • Fix water leaks right away, or they will get worse and more expensive

  • Use mattress covers

  • Water heaters come in multiple sizes and types

  • You never know when a baby will come

Sharing one thing

Shoutout of gratitude to this Indiehacker for being ultra vulnerable. Jim Zarkadas is vlogging his life right now in longish videos broken up into smaller segments. He wrote about and recorded a reaction video to his experience of having an anxiety attack. Thank you for sharing Jim and wish you the best of luck.

There is a lot more I want to share, but

A. I probably should be working on my landing page

B. I don’t even know if people are reading this, and

C. if you are reading this I don’t want you to spend a lot of time sitting here reading endlessly on the internet.

Go out there and learn some things yourself, and come “QUOKA” me about it. 😉