What Are We About?

Our Mission: To inspire positive social change.

Our Vision:  We envision a world where technology compliments and fosters humanity.

Our Values: Quokka is founded on the values of:

Innovation - Finding new ways to use existing technology, to support humanity and challenge the status quo.

Collaboration - Recognizing that working together and connecting with others are some of the greatest strengths we have.

Inclusivity - We believe that everyone has something of value to contribute to the global perspective.

Gratitude & Intention - Staying mindful of the little things. They matter.

People First - Designing from a people first perspective. Meeting people where they are.

How Quokka works

Quokka enables users to send, receive, and request messages of kindness. Every message is anonymous.

How do I sign up to Quokka?

Quokka launched a small test membership on April 16th 2021.

What are the different types of memberships?

Monthly subscription: $7/month ($70/year), or Yearly subscription ($70/year).

You can also give a gift membership to someone that you care about.

Gift Quoka

If you are a veteran active or not, first responder, medical worker, energy mover, or feeling depressed you may qualify for a free membership. Email quokka@chibur.info for details.

Why subscribe?

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